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Projects 2002–2019


Proposal for refurbishment of entrance hall of building in Křížkovského 14, Prague 3
Design of 136 m² library in Balbínova street, Prague 2
Design and reconstruction of 80 m² apartment in Hostivař, Prague 10
Proposal for refurbishment of Shopping Center Futurum Kolín
Interior design of house in Psáry
Design and reconstruction of 100 m² apt in Semilská 54b, Kbely
Design and reconstruction of 40 m² apt in Žitomírská ul, Prague 10
Design and reconstruction of 114 m² apartment in Vinohradská ul., Prague 2
Design project for reconstruction of 100 m² apartment in Krakovská St., Prague 1
Design of furniture for Metropole Zličín foodcourt
Design and construction supervision of Ristorante Incontro, Jungmannovo Námĕstí 19, Prague 1
Interior design for Casa Latina Restaurant, Vlkova 19, Prague 3 – design proposal
Interior refurbishment of offices for tax auditors Vorlíčková and Leitner, Palác Adria, Prague 1
Lobby of Rubín Office Bldg., Karlin, Prague 8 – design proposal
Design of lobby for Canadian Medical Care, Prague 6
Interior design of cosmetic shops and offices for Primavera Andorrana – design proposal
Family house in Nesuchyně – design and reconstruction
Family house, K Roztokům 481, Suchdol – design proposal
Family house in Nepřívěc, Český Ráj, Czech Republic, design and reconstruction



Participation on design development and construction documents in the Czech Republic 1996–2002


CEBALSOL Aerosols factory
Florenc Administrative Building Pobřežní 648/1a, Prague 8.
Commercial and business center EDEN, Vršovice, Prague 10
Kladno Commercial Zone, Kladno – design proposal
Offices and flats in Záhřebská st. 23/25, Prague 2 – design proposal
Housing project “de Gaulle”, Bubeneč, Prague 6
Space planning of offices for Paegas. (competition)
ING/PPS offices designed by Architectures Jean Nouvel, Hořejší Nabřeží 17/N
Project Zlatý andĕl, commercial and office building, Plzeňská, Prague 5
Collaborated on design of two family houses and an apartment building



Participation on design development and construction documents in Switzerland, 1993


Design, presentation and construction drawings for a residential building, an office building and a family house in Zürich.



Participation on design development and construction documents in Honduras, 1989–1992


Residential, commercial, office buildings and single family homes.



Participation on Research and Consultancy Division planning concept and layout guidelines for efficient use of space in office buildings designed by international companies at DEGW, Duffy, Eley, Giffone, Worthington, Architecture, Planning, Design, London, 1988–1989



Architectural Assistant, LDDC London Docklands Development Corporation, London, UK, 1987–1988



Architectural Assistant for the Surrey Docks Area Team (one of four areas in Docklands) responsible for providing an architectural strategy for the establishment of a cohesive and comprehensive urban framework. The aim was achieved by carrying out urban design studies of the area, preparing design guides and briefs for developers, assessing housing, commercial and industrial development proposals and giving design advice for the modification of planning applications.