Reconstruction of house in Nepřívěc

Czech Republic

Set in the idyllic so-called Czech Paradise, this house had undergone many different uses, such as a beer hall, a municipal building and had not received any maintenance over the years. In fact, the building was going to be demolished because of the existence of many structural problems. The original structure consisted of two rooms, a smaller room and a bigger room. The most impressive elements of the house were the very high windows of the facade which looked out onto the Gothic church and bell tower and the picturesque houses in the village. The height of the bigger room measured 6 metres. We used the high space to integrate a mezzanine which housed one bedroom and bathroom. Above the smaller room, we added two bedrooms and a bathroom. Above the bathroom, we created a viewing platform to bring in the views of the distant hills. And so, we saved a house that was to be demolished thereby preserving the history of the area.

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